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Birdly - the Ultimate Dream of Flying

Birdly fulfills people's ancient dream of flying by deploying the latest virtual reality (VR) and advanced simulator technology. The installation creates a vivid full-body experience that instantly lets you forget the mechanics and computer codes behind this spectacular apparatus. The immersive and interactive nature of the installation serves one goal: to enjoy the ultimate freedom of a bird. The experience allows you to intuitively explore the skies, cities like New York and any realistic or imaginary territory that can be built with 3D computer graphic tools.

Birdly Serial Edition was introduced to the market by SOMNIACS, a Swiss design and technology startup in early 2016. Since its commercial release Birdly is being sold to a wide spectrum of clients all over the world: From science, technical and art museums to organisations who focus on history and tourism. Birdly has proven very successful in the entertainment sector and can be seen in adventure parks, hotels and shopping malls. Discovering its diverse application, creative agencies and corporations are using Birdly to create premium branding experiences. Beyond such use cases architects and governmental developers are able to envisioning the future of large scale constructions projects from a whole new perspective.

SOMNIACS, the developer of Birdly, is the first successful technology and design spin-off company of the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK) and an international forerunner in combining virtual reality, immersive experience production, design research and technical innovation. SOMNIACS is based in Zürich, Switzerland.


Viaduktraum 2 A05, Level 2, Toni-Areal


Max Rheiner – Project Lead
Fabian Troxler, Thomas Tobler und Thomas Endin

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Birdly New York Experience from SOMNIACS on Vimeo.