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Digital Immigrants

The digitalisation affects nearly all aspects of our lives today. In the 80s, things were different. Although electronic calculating machines were used in various workplaces, computers were far too expensive for the average household. With the invention of the microchip-technology, that changed. Not only did the computers decrease in size, but so did the prices. Thus, the age of the home computer had arrived. Back then, a typical model was composed out of a keyboard, a ordinary television and a cassette recorder - which was used as a memory device. But what were the benefits of owning such a device?

A question that nowadays, a whole generation later, no one would think to ask. A life without smartphones, computers and the internet would almost be impossible to imagine. For the generation growing up with digital technology, dealing with the various devices comes natural. It seems only a matter of time before all important services are handled electronically. For Digital Immigrants, the everyday life seems to be getting more and more complicated. The «Computeria» in Bern is a meeting point for seniors to solve problems regarding smartphones, tablets or computers.

With our film, we want to take the audience on a journey through time. Beginning with the boom of the home computer in the 80’s and ending on the viewer’s question: What has the digitalisation brought us and where will it take us?


Viaduktraum 2 A05, Level 2, Toni-Areal


Directors: Dennis Stauffer, Norbert Kottmann
Music: Bänz Isler
Exhibits: Robert Weiss
Mentoring: Sabine Gisiger, Christian Iseli
Production: ZHdK


Coproduction: Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen

Project Type:

Bachelor Degree Film 2016


21 minutes