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yband therapy AG / CTI Project ISEAR

yband has developed an innovative therapy support system to motivate stroke patients to train their arms and regain arm mobility through playful stimulation (Gamification). It helps patients to keep the motivation high and stay compliant with the therapy. The basis is a tracker worn on the wrist of the paretic arm which records relevant arm movement and reminds through vibrations in case the arm is not used for an extended period of time. The seamless integration of the ARYSTM me system into patient’s everyday life is intended to progress the recovery of motor skills.

ARYS™ me was developed for patients and includes a Smartphone App to visualize the therapy progress in a game called «Tree of Recovery™». The game integrates leveling and rewards in an easy to understand and beautiful way. The core of the game is a tree that grows with every arm activity and visualizes the therapy progress. This encourages the patient day by day to commit to the long term therapy compliance.

ARYS™ pro was developed for professionals and is based on recording arm motions with two trackers – one worn at the impaired arm, the other one at the healthy arm. It includes an iPad App to show the patients’ progress. The records of the healthy and the affected arm allow for meaningful data analysis to optimize the therapy.

The first idea was invented as an Interaction Design BA by Dinis Meier and Samuel Bauer at ZHdK. In 2015 Samuel Bauer and Dr. Christoph Rickert founded yband therapy AG. The yband therapy AG team brought the products in Spring 2017 to the market.


Viaduktraum 2 A05, Level 2, Toni-Areal


Samuel Bauer, Christoph Rickert & Team


ZHdK Interaction Design and ZHdK Research (Prof. Dr. Karmen Franinovic)
University of Zurich (Prof. Dr. Andreas Luft)
FHNW Institute for Medical and Analytical Technology (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Erik Schkommodau)
ETH Rehabilitation Engineering Lab (Prof. Dr. Roger Gassert)
CTI - Commission of Technology and Innovation

Project Type:

CTI Project