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Immersive Lab

The «Immersive Lab» is an audiovisual installation that integrates computer generated panoramic video, surround audio with touch interaction on the entire screen surface. This installation serves as a platform for artistic creation and scientific research concerning digital media, placing a particular focus on generative methods, multi-modal perception, and social forms of interaction. The term «immersion» that informs the realisation of works for the Immersive Lab is used in a broad sense. Apart from a spatial envelopment by digitally created content, additional levels of immersions are generated for the visitors: they enter into a dedicated space that combines digital and physical properties, direct tactile interaction on the panoramic surface enhances their personal engagement with the underlying computational processes, and within the shared space arise group behaviour and social interactions.
During the past years, several workshops have been organised and residencies granted for students and visiting artists. From this, a collection of works has emerged. These works combine visual and sonic material with generative and algorithmic methods. This content is in real-time generated and requires visitor interaction to be fully experienced.
During the «Digitaltag», visitors will have the opportunity to visit the «Immersive Lab» in guided tours and interact with a selection of works that are representative of a wide spectrum of artistic approaches.


All day (9.30am-6pm)
Spontaneous tours by Daniel Bisig during visits of the Immersive Lab.


3 D24, Level 3, Toni-Areal


Daniel Bisig, Jan Schacher

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ETH Lausanne
Universität Genf
Kantonsschule Stadelhofen
Migros Kulturprozent
Haus der Elektronischen Künste


2013 - ongoing