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«Angst 360» is a transmedia project created by the Subject Area Cast / Audiovisual Media at the Zurich University of the Arts. What does the term «fear» mean nowadays? How to confront it? What do experts say? And last but not least, how does one feel «fear»? The visitor dives into the topic through different transmedial chapters. Text and video present facts, experts are interviewed and protagonists discuss their fears. Journalistic and audiovisual materials build this immersive experience where fears become tangible.The special highlight of this transmedia production are the 360°-videos, through which the senses of the spectators are directly confronted. By putting on the VR-set, the spectator will meet people whose fears took a considerable significance in their lives, and will also get the possibility to experience those fears.


Davide Arizzoli, Jan Dino Kellenberger, Eloy Martinez, Valentin Mettler, Chris Saner, Valentina Sproge, Joanna-Yulia Wierig