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The «glitch collective» invites you to be part of their epic struggle to combine millions of thoughts into a carefully crafted multi-sensory experience called «Now:Zero». Their performance is a critical attempt to envision future mixed reality scenarios by de- and re-constructing the real into the unreal. Waiting patiently to enter a simulated world, at the core of the «Now:Zero» experience, the spectator might ask herself: what happens when the virtual tastes real, and the real becomes unreal? The only way to find answers is to dive into the experience and perform presence, while being entangled in multiple realities.


Master's students, Specialization Interaction Design: Noemi Chow, Shriqui Jonas, Seulmi Kang, Gian Klainguti, Kevin Perlinger, Diana Wotruba

Project type:

Semesterprojekt, Master of Arts in Design, Specialization Interaction Design