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Arijana Walcott

What VR could, should, and almost certainly will be in the near future?

Despite popular believe, VR is not exactly new. Its been in the making for almost 20 years now. Where did it come from and how did it come about? What is happening in the VR scene today and what are some of the predictions for the future? Is this a fad soon to be over or are we all going to live and work in virtual worlds in the future?

Join us on a foresight trip to explore the possibilities of Virtual Reality!

Arijana is an avid AR/VR Evangelist working as the VP of Consumer Innovation at the Swisscom Innovation Outpost in the Silicon Valley. Responsible for consumer related topics, she identifies and captures new trends, technologies and ideas relevant to the Swiss consumer market. One of her passions is DART 17, which Arijana co-founded with Sophie Lamparter from swissnex San Francisco. DART 17 is a test laboratory for interactive experiences, objects, and tools in San Francisco.