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Devon Dolan

The Language of Immersive Storytelling

Devon Dolan will give a presentation on the language that we use to describe and categorize immersive stories. He, along with Michael Parets, authored an article on VR/360 storytelling, in which they utilized a quadrant system to define story techniques that filmmakers employ to direct their VR/360 experiences. The written piece was featured in TechCrunch and widely circulated within the VR/360 community.

Devon is an executive at Cinetic Media where he works across the firm’s film finance and corporate advisory groups, and champions their emerging technology and branded content initiatives. He advises filmmakers, entrepreneurs, financiers, distributors, technology companies, and consumer brands on the development of their content roadmaps, with a focus on structuring key financial, monetization, and distribution strategies. Devon has served on panels at the New York State Bar Association and the Future of Storytelling Festival, has lectured at The New School, San Diego State University, and Stony Brook University, and has written two articles for TechCrunch. Devon serves as a mentor at NEW INC, the New Museum’s cultural innovation incubator. He created, a website and newsletter dedicated to the tech, media, and entertainment industries. He is an avid surfer and environmentalist.