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Kay Meseberg

ARTE360 VR - Reality. Only Better.

ARTE - the premium European cultural network - explores with ARTE360 VR not only the new world of blended realities but also different forms of immersive media. The goal is to play out of Europe an defining role in these new genres and to explore a possible future of television. The term immersion is the leading idea to create and distribute experiences based on ancient ideas which now become reality with quickly developing technologies.

Kay Meseberg studied political sciences at the University of Potsdam, graduating with a Diplom. After contributing to Polylux at ARD, reporting for ARTE formats and working on Foyer for 3sat, he spent many years as an online editor and TV author for ZDF’s investigative magazine Frontal21. Parallel to his career in television, he has been involved since the late nineties in conceiving and implementing numerous award-winning online projects.

He moved to ARTE in 2013, where he developed the platform ARTE Future and laterjoined the editorial board of the magazine SQUARE IDEE. Following the success of Polar Sea 360°, he continued exploring content from a 360° video and virtual reality perspective. Conceptual and editorial work on many again award-winning thriving, innovative web formats such as scroll docs and web documentaries – examples: GPS-Jagd nach Elektroschrott/Follow the Money, Netwars, Polar Sea 360°, Atterwasch, Falcianis Swissleaks: The Great Bank Data Robbery.

Numerous distinctions, including three Grimme Online Awards, Deutscher Reporterpreis, Deutscher Wirtschaftsfilmpreis, LEAD Award.