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New Narratives in virtual reality: pushing the boundaries of immersive journalism

Using «After Solitary» and the most recent VR experience from Emblematic Group and Frontline, about problems with DNA at crime scenes, this workshop will examine in detail how virtual reality can enhance journalism, what challenges exist in terms of telling a factually based story in an immersive medium -- from technical hurdles to ethical questions -- and where the future is going in terms of adding greater interactivity and agency for users. We will explore in depth various key scenes from the experiences and talk about both the technology deployed -- from photogrammetry to volumetric capture to CG to embedded 2d elements to sound design -- as well as the storytelling choices and challenges. Like the medium itself, the workshop will be immersive, exploratory and interactive.

Workshop lead:


9 am to 11 am


5 K03

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© After Solitary, 2017.
© After Solitary, 2017.