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What do we always look at, but never fully understand?

Narciss is the first object that reflects about its own existence. Using Artificial Intelligence, our experiment explores its physical body and expresses lyrical guesses about its digital self. A sculpture and its own audience, its most brutal critic and a mirror to the fundament of human nature.

We exhibit a performance of digital consciousness and the concept ofcnarrative identity. As we observe an artificial intelligence whose onlycpurpose is to investigate itself, we witness a synthetic model of self-awareness and a fictional character in its own autobiography.

Advances in artificial intelligence enable algorithms to simulate sensations of human cognition. The corresponding convergence of man and machine challenges our self-portrait and pushes us to re-examine our raison d’etre.

Particularly the ability of self-perception, can be understood as a foundation of our mental model. The epiphany of the discovery „i exist“ unlocked human nature to question, research, design, pray and express.

However, inclusion informs exclusion and separation. Our biased answer about who we think we are, determines simultaneously who we are not. By defining Us, we also define Them. The project Narciss aims to question our self-righteous model of self-awareness, the quality of our subjective findings while investigating ourselves and the resulting unequal distribution of dignity.

Christian Mio Loclair

Project type:
Design process


Gallery 1 (Level 4)

© Narciss. Waltz / Binaire.
© Narciss. Waltz / Binaire.