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Hey Siri

An Interactive Wallpainting

Offshore Studio’s interactive wall painting «Hey Siri» explores the philosophical capability of artificial intelligence. At the centre of the work is Siri–Apple’s AI-software–that detects and processes spoken language in order to fulfil tasks of a personal assistant. But instead of instructing Siri to read out the weather forecast, write an e-mail or plan a meeting, Offshore Studio confronts this system with existential questions of human beings. These are, typographically designed and interwoven with graphic elements, visualised in three large-scale wall paintings. What is the meaning of life? What is human? Siri’s answers to these questions are reflections of her programmed values, her algorithmic ontology, and the philosophy of live and (pseudo-) creativity of her creators. Offshore Studio has translated the answers in abstract, digital images, which can be obtained interactively through an augmented-reality app. What emerges with these images asks the urgent questions, which bother us already today: Do we want to explore our very own desires, fears and dreams in collaboration with intelligent algorithms? Can machines help us answering the big questions of life?

Isabel Seiffert
Christoph Miler


Gallery 1 and 2 (Level 4 and 5)

© Hey Siri, are you human?. Offshore Studio, 2018.
© Hey Siri, are you human?. Offshore Studio, 2018.