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Generative solutions within the fields of art have a long history. Especially within the fields of music and visual arts, the usage of computational solutions enabled new perspectives and raised new questions towards artistic productions, ownership and expression. Compared to this ongoing development, the domains of dance and physical performance are still in its modest beginnings and are dominated by algorithmic approaches to capture and visualize moving bodies. Groundbreaking performances has been done by the use of this principle, offering new ways to perceive and access dance. However, narrowing down the possibilities of modern algorithms to measurement and translation does not reflect the contemporary role of algorithms within the field of artistic research and generative design.

The experimental project “Pathfinder” addresses this limitation as it aims to contribute to the creative processes of choreographic development, instead of serving as data management and abstraction. In order to do so, our algorithms generate graphical patterns to stimulate the dancers creativity and open new perspectives. Hence Pathfinder is an experimental tool which aims to create visual inspirations instead of recreations, and therefore becomes its own creative building block, questioning the classical master slave paradigm.

Christian Mio Loclair

Project type:
Design process


Gallery 1 (Level 4)

© Pathfinder. Waltz / Binaire.
© Pathfinder. Waltz / Binaire.