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Interactive and playful answers to trivial problems in the work environment

«T-Kit» is a series of objects that each tackles a trivial problem which is dominant at work in our everyday lives: sense of time, noise and communication. Each object itself is a manifestation of the associated problem in the form of an innovative and playful product. This project is a celebration of micro-interactions, subtle and barely noticeable moments of everyday life: a knock, a delicate ringtone, a ball rolling that reminds us of the time that has passed by. The three prototypes are fully functional and are meant to look poetically at the work space and the communications that could occur in different ways. Each object came out of a series of user studies. It’s an appreciation of short sounds and small gestures for interactions. The interaction here is quirky, playful and warm. Moreover, the attention to details in this project is stunning.

Colin Lüönd
Fabrice Spahn

Joëlle Bitton
Luke Franzke

BA diploma project Interaction Design



Gallery 2 (Level 5)

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