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The Future of Film: What it means to collaborate with an AI

The film screenings are followed by an Q&A session with Ross Goodwin & Oscar Sharp.

Sunspring (2016): The first film ever written entirely by an artificial intelligence: Benjamin, an LSTM Recurrent Neural Network.

It’s No Game (2017): A film about Benjamin co-written by Benjamin. Featuring simulated Shakespeare, simulated Aaron Sorkin, and simulated David Hasselhoff (performed by David Hasselhoff). Also features machine-choreographed ballet.

Zone Out (2018): Benjamin’s third film, and our most adventurous experiment. Featuring the 3 actors from Sunspring (Thomas MIddleditch, Elisabeth Grey, & Humphrey Ker), who allowed us to upload their performances into public domain film scenes using a faceswapping AI. Also features a music generated by JukeDeck’s composer AI, created by reading Benjamin’s screenplay.

Ross Goodwin is not a poet. Artist, Creative Technologist for AMI at Google Arts & Culture, hacker, gonzo data scientist, writer of writers. Graduate of NYU ITP & MIT; former Obama administration ghostwriter. Employs machine learning, natural language processing, other computational tools to realize new forms & interfaces for written language. From Sunspring (the first film created from a computer-generated screenplay) with Oscar Sharp, to (the first instant poetry-writing camera), to 1 the Road (the first novel written with a car), Goodwin’s creative AI experiments have earned international acclaim.

Oscar Sharp is a BAFTA-nominated filmmaker, called «a huge talent, masterly with tone and style» by The New Yorker.

Christian Iseli & Maike Thies

Toni Cinema

The Future of Film: What it means to collaborate with an AI
Trailer «Sunspring, 2016.
Trailer «It's not a game», 2017.
Trailer «Zone Out», 2018.